I am a JAX-RS server Resource.
My name is MyResource
You can call me by my URI, api/myresource.
I am a loosely coupled api making me an interprocess. I am running in a separate multithreaded container from the JSP multithreaded container but still running in the same JVM.

For me to qualify as an interprocess I don't have to be running in a remote JVM only in a separate multithreaded container.

As an interproces API I must belong to the client server paradigm

  • I can share the same JVM as the jsp multithreaded container also known as the JSP engine
  • I can run from a remote JVM, then I am referred to as a REST API.
  • I can process multiple user requests,
  • spawning and dying for each request My life expectancy predetermined by the class blueprint with the scope annotations (request/session/applicaton)

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